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Come to meet us and live a totally different experience.

From our food with the flavor, the products and recipes of the house, our mixology made especially to pair our dishes. Come and enjoy a coexistence with nature, animals, birds, and our beautiful view of the Island and the Sea... Come and let us pamper you so that you feel at home.

Come and live the Pitaya experience.


Margarita - $215.00

White tequila, triple sec, lime juice, agave syrup and sea salt frosting. Flavors: Watermelon and Mint, Passion Fruit, Cucumber and Serrano.


Mojito - $220.00

White rum, mint, lemon juice, natural syrup and soda top.


Pina Colada - $230.00

White rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, lemon and carnation.


Passion Fruit Mezcalita - $220.00

Espadín Mezcal, passion fruit pulp, pineapple juice, agave syrup and frosted with Miguelito.


Organic Pigeon - $230.00

White tequila infused with grapefruit peels, honey, mineral water and sea salt.


Pitaya Lemonade - $165.00 / $65.00

Mezcal, dragon fruit, citrus, cranberry juice and soda top. *Option – Non-alcoholic.


Pitaya Sangría –

Cup $165.00 – 1 Lt Jug - $650.00

Lambrusco, vodka, golden apple, green grapes, rosemary, citrus and tonic top.


Tropical Mezcalita - $220.00

Mezcal, natural pineapple, celery, pineapple juice, citrus and Tajín frosting


Glass of Wine - $190.00

Lemonade and Orangeade - $65.00


Natural Clamato - $60.00

Soft drinks and water - $40.00


American Coffee - $60.00


Espresso Coffee - $55.00


Espresso Cut - $60.00


Double Espresso - $65.00


Cappuccino - $70.00


Carajillo - $210.00

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